CHOA Board of Directors

The 2023 / 2024 CHOA Board of Directors

CHOA elects up to 12 consumer representatives from its active members throughout British Columbia each year.

Ley Lefeuvre, President – KAS33
Ken Hagerty, Vice-President – LMS0967
H. Pummy Kaur, Treasurer – LMS0810
Ryan Abbott – EPS9546
Jo Bodard – VIS2251
Keith Davis – VIS2044
Wayne Henderson – LMS4091
Michael Hudson
– LMS3380
Norm Flockhart – VR61
Stacey Reddick – LMS367
Kevin Skipworth
– BCS0964
Matt Taylor – KAS1845

The CHOA Board of Directors annually appoints 3 business members.

Allyson Baker (Clark Wilson LLP) – Business Member
Jennifer Neville
(Hamilton & Company) – Business Member
Steve Storrey (BFL Canada) – Business Member