On-Site Services

CHOA provides technical services for the convening of general meetings (AGM or SGM), record keeping, scrutineer of balloting, and provides workshops on location that assist strata corporations with the planning and operations of their strata properties in accordance with the Strata Property Act, Regulations and Bylaws. The strata advisor does not provide legal services or legal advice and will refer the member to professional services as required. At a general meeting (AGM or SGM), in accordance with the bylaws of the strata corporation, the strata advisor must be duly elected by the voting quorum of eligible voters at an annual or special general meeting, and the strata shall save the advisor and CHOA harmless from any causes or actions that may result from the events that may occur at the meeting or in the process of correspondence with the strata corporation.

This service is available to CHOA Members Only:

Zoom Electronic Meetings or Onsite meetings: 
$125.00 per hour plus mileage @ 52 cents / km.*

*Additional costs for related travel and overnight expenses may apply
**A credit card deposit for fees and travel expenses may be required in advance. A per diem travel charge of up to $35/hour may be charged for long distance travel of more than one hour. For mileage over 100km in each direction the rate is .20cents/km plus the cost of fuel.

For more information please contact your local CHOA advisor.

To download a copy of our “Strata Property Advisor: On‐Site Services — Fee Schedule 2022” please CLICK HERE