Westcoast Condominium Magazine

2016 Westcoast Condominium Magazine (900-008 to 900-011)
BulletinHeadlineTopicPublication date
900-008Who decides the consequences when someone violates the bylaws?Bylaw enforcementJan 29
900-009Strata fees and special levies: What happens when an owner doesn’t pay?Collections & special leviesFeb 12
900-010Strata Management Services: Who makes the decision?Strata ManagementFeb 26
900-011Is your strata a good location for a movie shoot?Movie ShootMarch 11
900-012Can I make a profit and keep it legal?Investing & RentalsMarch 25
900-013Renovating my condo: What can I do?AlterationsApril 15
900-014The importance of reading the strata documentsBuying: disclosure of documentsMay 20
900-015How simple is liquidation of a strata corporation?liquidationJune


2015 Westcoast Condominium Magazine (900-001 to 900-007)
BulletinHeadlineTopicPublication date

Strata ABCs: Understanding Condo Basics

Strata LivingSept 18
900-002What’s the deal with parking and storage lockers?Parking, Storage LockersOct 2
900-003How do rental bylaws work?BylawsOct 16
900-004What you need to know about age and pet restriction bylawsAge & Pet BylawsOct 30
900-005Understanding Depreciation Reports in BC: What do they tell us?Depreciation ReportsNov 13
900-006What happens when our strata council violates the Act?Bylaws; enforcement, Civil Resolution TribunalNov 27
900-007The five things to avoid at general meetingsAGM/SGMJan 15